Roof Damage and Insurance Help

Serving Washtenaw, Oakland and surrounding areas.

Roof Damage and Insurance Help.

As previously mentioned, with how strong the winds get and the size of the hail that may come on any day of the week, our team is more than ready to help at any time. We work with only the best products and guarantee amazing quality from our workers. Sometimes, however, the damage isn’t always on the roof. Did some of the damaging leak over to the gutters of your house? Or maybe some of the siding was damaged because of the heavy hail? As a homeowner, you have nothing to worry about when you choose DeVonce for your roofing repairs and small-time fix-ups.

We also help with insurance claims and the inspections that are required to file a claim. Depending on the state of your roof, we have qualified inspectors that will help not only with the claim but we will be able to give an estimate for any repairs and replacements needed for the damage. Sometimes, the entire cost of the replacement needed is covered by the insurance as well! Call now for a free inspection!